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Shoe Brush - Silver
Shoe Brush - Silver

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Details: Silver cover.

Dancing shoes differ from everyday shoes in that they feature suede soles. They are supposed to be slippery enough so that you can spin quickly on the ball of your foot, but have enough grip so you don't slip all the way across the floor. This is where the Shoe Brush comes in. Brush the bottom of your shoes before each use, especially on a slippery floor.

Brush in opposite directions (toe-to-heel and side-to-side, for example) to bring up the nap of the suede.

Your shoes may outlast their soles. This is normal. A cobbler may be able to re-sole shoes when necessary.

Our Shoe Brush includes a unique, snap-close cover so that the brush doesn't get caught on anything in your bag.

Do not buy the shoe brush by itself via our website, as the Free Shipping and Free Returns Policies do not apply to a brush unless accompanied by a pair of shoes. Thank you for your understanding.

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